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    The Andrew Grene Foundation (AGF) is a charity dedicated to supporting the people of Haiti through three main projects.

    We have built and successfully opened the Andrew Grene High School in Cite Soleil, where 317 children currently attend between the ages of 11 and 19. When the earthquake struck Haiti on January 12th 2010, 80% of the schools were destroyed. We decided to build a high school in an area of Port-au-Prince that previously had no provision for high school education, and our headmaster, Ricot Pierre, ensures that all of the students attending give 100% effort to their studies.

    We have also opened the Andrew Grene branch of Fonkoze in the south of the island in a town called Aquin. Here, 1474 female clients take small loans from the branch, to enable them to start up their small micro-businesses, which in turn help them to support their families on a daily basis. 270 of these clients are also on the Alpha course, learning numeracy and literacy skills. These women join together into “solidarity groups”. Each group has 5 members, and together they help each other to successfully build their small businesses, offering each other friendship, encouragement and hope. With some of the money raised in 2013, a flushing toilet has been installed at the branch, a luxury that most of us take for granted.

    Finally, we have 9 scholarship students who are attending university. These students come from the Ecole Christ Roi, and have been selected by Sister Marie, head teacher, as the most promising students.
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